? Vermicompost & Dragon Fruit Plant Exporter, Manufacturer, Dealer in India

Shree Raj Aggro is set up to help farmers achieve reasonable crop yields by enhancing soil quality. We are a talented team with a passion for agriculture. Being from the agriculture and manufacturing and IT industries, we value the role of technology in the production of innovative goods. At the same time, we assume that our ancestral traditions have a wealth of knowledge on sustainable agricultural practices, originating from the collective experience of our ancestors, which can be used for the benefit of the society and nature. We combined our diverse expertise to provide a highly natural and nutrient-rich vermicompost that not only benefits farmers but also protects the environment.

Our organizationutilizes innovative biotechnological practices of composting to fasten the process of sanitization and deodorization of waste. We use the highest quality of good earthworms to accelerate the composting process. Shree Raj Aggro, huh? The special combination of vermicompost makes the soil extremely productive by supplying it with the required amount of nutrients and micronutrients. Our vermicompost is enriched with a variety of plant-healthy microorganisms, such as bacteria, hams, fungi, etc., which minimize deficiencies and bring life to the soil.


It replenishes the depleted nutrients in the soil and also increases its water holding ability.

Natural Fertilizer

Enriched with a number of healthy plant species such as bacteria, moisture, fungus, etc.

Eco-Friendly Product

We transform biowaste into a magic potion that is helpful to plants and trees.

Easy to Use

To give life to the soil and health to your plants, apply a coating to the soil.