Most of us get into the habit of vermicomposting just because we see our friends and neighbours doing the same thing to enrich the health of their plants and soil. But do you know what vermicompost is made of and why it is so beneficial for your plants? Before you set out to buy vermicompost online, here is some information about vermicompost that every environmental enthusiast should know.

What is vermicompost?

We produce trash and garbage every single day, and these get accumulated in the landfills for composting. In other words, the trash will be processed to accelerate the decomposition process so that it can return to nature. Vermicomposting is one such method to get rid of wastes while improving the quality of soil for harvests. Vermicompost is made from the earthworms casting after they feed on plant waste or kitchen waste. While other composts are loaded with toxins, vermicompost contains the goodness of micronutrients that aid in the healthy growth of the plants.

Why should you use vermicompost?

Before getting in touch with your preferred vermicompost manufacturer, here are some of the benefits of vermicompost that you should understand:

  • Supplies nutrients in higher levels: Although all composts are nutrient-rich, and that is the sole reason gardeners spray them in the soil before every harvest, researchers suggest that vermicompost contains higher amounts of plant-rich nutrients. So when higher levels of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium settle into the soil, your plants will thrive.
  • Water retention capabilities: If there is a severe water scarcity issue in your region, then you might run out of water to spray on your plants. However, since there are no other alternatives to replenish your plants and prevent them from drying out, you will have to look for compost which will retain more water. Vermicompost is quite dense, and thus it shows exceptional water retention capabilities. In other words, a little water goes a long way if you are adding vermicompost to your potted plants.
  • Pest and pathogen suppression: Even after adding the chemical fertilizers, if you find pests and pathogens attacking your precious greens, you need the magical pest repellant effect of vermicompost. However, since pests and pathogens are also an essential component of the ecosystem, vermicompost does not kill them. Instead, it suppresses their effect and prevents them from attacking your saplings.
  • Results in high yield: If you have not been successful in growing plants lately, even after supplying them with water and compost, you might need to switch to organic compost. When you apply vermicompost or worm castings to your plants, the chances are that the plants will display a high yield. For best results, you can even source vermicompost with added hormones from your vermicompost supplier
  • Reducing pollution levels of soil: We all know how soil fertility reduces once it becomes contaminated with toxins like heavy metals, hydrocarbons, etc. However, you can do your bit by adding vermicompost into the soil and allow it to remediate the soil so that it regains its fertility.

If you are willing to buy vermicompost online, then make sure to assess the reliability of the manufacturer or supplier before placing your order.

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