What is Vermicomposting, and why is it becoming increasingly popular
Vermicomposting is a popular method of making a composite of specific species of earthworms. These earthworms are known for increasing the procedure of organic waste conversion resulting in providing better products. The whole process is known as a mesophilic way of utilizing the microorganisms and earthworms.  
Generally, earthworms feed on organic waste material that passes through the digestive system. In the end, it comes out in a granular form, cocoons and hence, called vermicompost.
Reasons behind the popularity of Vermicomposting
Vermicomposting is offering an excellent method to farmers about processing the wastes that are usually accepted by the local community. The result is the formation of premium quality of compost products. Not only this, but it also assists the national governments not to send the waste for landfills. Indeed, this method of composting is praised by the farmers and smallholders to segregate the wastes and earn additional income. In short, it is contemplated to be a benefit for the local economy in terms of productivity and land fertilization. Other reasons for accepting the Vermicomposting are –
  • Improve the aeration of soils.
  • Increase the microbial activity in the soil.
  • Enhance the water holding activity.
  • Augment the germination, crop yield, and plant growth.
  • Boost root growth.
  • Offer plants with essential nutrients.


Vermicomposting has surprisingly become a unique way of getting rid of your scraps and forming a good quality of composite. It includes a biological breakdown of organic wastes and hence preferred by most of the farmers.


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