Why do international markets refer to vermicompost fertilizers from India rather than other countries
Every year, tons of organic waste is either burned or landfilled to follow safe disposal methods.
Seeking on for an effective solution for the issue, India comes up with an idea of Vermicompost, which is prepared by the organic composting method. It is considered as the best method of turning organic wastes and making use of worms to convert these waste into good quality fertilizer. 
In short, it is a win-win solution when you not only do safe disposal but also offer required nutrients to the plants to increase productivity.
Vermicompost fertilizer is acknowledged for increasing the growth, yield, and quality of crops, fruits, and flowers. Moreover, it also contributes to the part in recycling the nitrogen and other types of physic-chemical properties. 
Almost all kinds of organic materials can be converted into vermicompost and used for farming with the help of earthworms. The process of formation of vermicompost should be done in about 20-30 degrees, and the moisture must be in the range of 32 to 60%. 
The complete conversion process of organic waste to vermicompost is a simple process and considered to be economical if done properly with the best resources, That’s the reason; Vermicomposting is majorly done in India. 
Research is going on to turn the organic wastes into high potential organic fertilizers. Reputed companies like Shree Raj Agro are offering a good quality range of Vermicompost worldwide.
Rich nutrients present in vermicompost benefits the farmers to increase the yield and improve  the nutrient properties of plants and soil. Shree Raj Agro makes use of healthy earthworms to quicken the composting process for nutrient-rich fertilizers for your plants. 
Buy vermicompost from Sree Raj Agro and make your soil super active and offer the right quality of nutrients required by the plants. Contact our team to buy the supreme range of Vermicompost at affordable prices.

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