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At Shreeraj aggro, We offer the largest collection of trusted Organic Indian brands and certified earthworms for vermicompost directly from farms. Our aim is to steer ahead people’s lifestyle while creating awareness about organic fertilizer, and live earthworms.

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LIVE EARTHWORMS for planting or composting at home – Eisenia fetida

  • There are 250 + worms per kg.
  • Fed on organic and sustainable food
  • 100% Eco-friendly compostable packaging
  • Excellent and Sterile Pet & Fish Food
  • Exceptional safe composts
  • Used in vermicompost and aqua culture feeding

Live Earthworm Description are stated below:

Red wiggler earthworms (Eisenia Fetida) are among the best songwriters in the world to eat half their body weight a day. As it recycles the biological waste of various life forms into humus, earthworms enhance the consistency of the soil. They establish a horizontal burrow and feed on the material found on the deep soil surface. They feed on fitter soil. In general, they are red, brown and red-brown in colour. They build a vertical burrow and feed on In the upper part of soiled litter , In improving the quality of land. At Shree Raj aggro, we grow our worms in a controlled indoor facility and feed them with quality food (such as coffee and carton vegetables) making them excellent food for amphibians and other pet fish lizards.

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